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Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves

year 2020

Los nuevos mutantes (2020) trailer espanol latino.


Los nuevos mutantes subtitulado. GREAT (SARCASTIC) THEY ARE GONNA RUIN WOLVERINE BY REPLACING HUGH JACKMAN. The mall looks like the one from stranger things. Los nuevos mutantes trailer 2. So its actually getting released this time. Los Nuevos mutantes. Los nuevos mutantes de left for dead. 2 years later the official trailer came out... Wow. I wish this released and Dark Phoenix got shelved instead. American Horror Story: X-men. End of era. still remember watching wolverine fighting in the in first movie when I was a kid now I am 24 god so emotional... I feel sorry for everyone involved in the making of this. The amount of time they put into the movie, only for it to be delayed for two years. I'll watch it regardless.

Actors - Ahhh, remembering the days when we were filming this as kids... Los nuevos mutantes ver online. Los nuevos mutantes tráiler. Los nuevos mutantes cancion. Los nuevos mutantes pelicula completa en. That last trailer This is why I'll never drop acid again at 50 like I did in my 20's. Of course they got Maisie to play a character that can turn into a wolf.

Los nuevos mutantes pelicula completa. Los nuevos mutantes trailer reaccion. Los nuevos mutantes online latino.


I'm excited for hellboy but the actor they chose doesn't impress me. Wolverine was one of the first and one of the last. 6:18 or it is an upside down m aka a w for wolf. That's definitely Lockheed near the end of the trailer with the wings breathing blue fire (he's a small alien dragon. He was Kitty's companion in the X-Men but he also protects Illyanna / Magik. (Kitty's best friend. Me: Sees Ned get shot by a tranq KRAVEN! YES! Also me: Sees Nick fury instead oh man.

Los nuevos mutantes estreno mexico

Los nuevos mutantes trailer español. Los nuevos mutantes pelicula online latino. EU REALMENTE QUERIA VER UM FILME FODA SOBRE OS X-MENS I ESTOU PENSANDO EM DAR UMA CHANCE PRA ESTE FILME(COM UM PÉ ATRÁS CLARO) MAIS SÓ ESPERO QUE N SEJA IGUAL FÊNIX NEGRA QUE O COMEÇO É RUIM I O FINAL PARECE O COMEÇO. What it is with London Bridge getting beat up in 2019. Los nuevos mutantes trailer español latino. Steve is a leftie and in both trailers he's using right hand to punch so that might not be Steve. Los nuevos mutantes cast. Glad this is getting released. It looks more interesting than anything Fox did with X related properties since Days of Future Past.

So, its a horror film, with Rahne, Sam, Dani, Illyana, and Sunspot. R they gonna go into Limbo or something im confused at what this is about, i just started reading the comics... Shazam looks very cool and I'm waiting for Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame. Los nuevos mutantes 2020. Los nuevos mutantes trailer subtitulado. Los nuevos mutantes latino. Wow! that was bogus. Los nuevos mutantes estreno. Los nuevos mutantes comic. Isn't the new mutant movie suppose to be a horror like movie? still looking foward to it. Los nuevos mutantes pelicula trailer español. Favorite moment: when the music drops with a cover of Brick in the Wall—perfect song for a group of reject kids who are going to fight their way out.

DANG! It's about time they did something different with X-Men. Los nuevos mutantes trailer latino. It's not a hospital, it's a haunted house. I thought it was supposed to be about mutants instead I got the sequel of AHS: Asylum it seems. Nice. I'll take it.

Whos here cause the movie got delayed yet again lol.


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